Current State of Housing

For many years in New Zealand, the cost of renting and house prices have increased significantly and have been out of step with incomes.

This has meant housing is no longer affordable for many New Zealanders and families are spending well over a third of their total combined household income on housing costs alone. It has also led to increased rates of homelessness.

Unfortunately, for a large and growing number of New Zealanders, a safe, warm, dry and affordable home is out of reach and many are resigned to never having one to live in.

Our country remains in the grip of a housing crisis with a shortage of homes across the board, from affordable family homes to social and emergency housing.

The government and private sector are making small steps to solve this current crisis, but the reality is quality houses need to be built more quickly.

That’s where the Community Housing Sector comes in by working alongside the government and private sector to help build more affordable homes and services to accommodate families and those who find themselves living in motels because of a lack of emergency housing. The Government spent over $300 million on motels in 2019. We must do better.

However, funding to build the many thousands of homes needed is challenging – and often causes long delays for those on waiting lists.

An alternative model of financing, like the one developed by Community Finance, is key to helping to deliver the wide range of housing that New Zealand requires.

What is a Community Housing Provider?

Community Housing Providers help people in need to find a place to call home. Having a home is more than having a roof over our heads. It’s about living somewhere affordable, safe, warm and dry which enables individuals and families to plan for their future and communities to flourish.

Community Housing Providers are located around New Zealand, responding to local needs and housing issues. They work across the housing continuum, including emergency accommodation, assisted rentals and pathways into home ownership. Community Housing Aotearoa is the sector body representing their interests to central government and a variety of councils, agencies, researchers and developers.

Crucially, Community Housing Providers don’t just provide a home, the bricks and mortar, they also provide a range of services like financial capability and budgeting to ensure better long term outcomes.

Who benefits from a Community Housing Provider?

The people living in warm, dry homes built by Community Housing Providers are the ones who benefit most.

However, the wider community and country as a whole reap the benefits of Kiwis who are well-housed in safe, clean and affordable housing.

A good quality home has a positive impact on everything from health outcomes and improving a child’s educational and social development, to family stability and reducing household costs such as rent, mortgages and power.

These factors are key to building strong, resilient and sustainable communities and cities. Greater availability of affordable housing also helps to revitalise communities by increasing the demand for new roads, transportation hubs and other civic amenities.

The key focus for the future is to dramatically increase the supply and quality of all types of housing – from homes-to-own and rentals through to social and emergency housing – to create diverse and vibrant communities.

A warm, dry, affordable home can change peoples’ lives.

If you would like to know about how you can be involved with future community projects then get in touch with us today.