Who is Community Finance

Community Finance was established in 2019. It is wholly owned by Positive Capital Limited. Key shareholders include the Tindall Foundation, Lindsay Investment Trust, K1W1, Alvarium Wealth NZ, Impact Investments Limited and entities associated with the Edgar family.  Each stakeholder is committed to bringing about positive change in New Zealand.

Providing a good quality home for all New Zealanders has proved hard work with the private sector and Government unable to do it on their own. Unfortunately, for a large and growing number of New Zealanders, a safe, warm affordable home is out of reach, and for many they are giving up hope of ever having one.

Community Finance was born out of this problem. From this initial foundation we have developed and grown by taking a basic human rights-based approach focused on every person having the right to live in a good quality home.

The Community Finance solution builds on this basic human right by recognising and connecting with people who have the means and desire to help make that dream a reality for those who need a hand up.

Community Finance is designed to support all Community Housing Providers – 90 trusted local organisations based in communities up and down the country. Our business model allows local investors to support local housing outcomes delivered by the community for the community.

We are committed to working alongside the private sector and the Government to help deliver the right sort of houses, in the right places, for those who really need them.